NBA:Windhorst: Spurs’ Victor Wembanyama’s Height is Actually 7’5” on Court, Not 7’3.5”


In the world of basketball, height plays a crucial role in a player’s effectiveness on the court. The San Antonio Spurs’ young prodigy, Victor Wembanyama, has been turning heads with his exceptional skill set and towering presence. While the official records list his height at 7’3.5”, there is mounting evidence to suggest that Wembanyama’s true height on the court is actually 7’5”. In this article, we will explore the observations made by renowned basketball analyst Brian Windhorst, who believes that Wembanyama’s height discrepancy is significant and worthy of attention.

AP Photo/Eric Gay
  1. Brian Windhorst’s Observations:

Brian Windhorst, a respected basketball journalist known for his keen eye and attention to detail, recently conducted a thorough analysis of Wembanyama’s height during a Spurs practice session. Using precise measurements and comparing them to the official listing, Windhorst noticed a consistent pattern of the player appearing taller than his reported height.

  1. Visual Evidence:

One of the key aspects that Windhorst emphasizes is the visual evidence gathered from game footage and live appearances. Wembanyama’s towering presence on the court is evident as he stands next to his teammates and opponents. Despite being listed at 7’3.5”, he consistently appears to be notably taller, dwarfing many of the players around him. Windhorst points to instances where Wembanyama effortlessly reaches over defenders for rebounds and blocks, further highlighting his remarkable stature.

  1. Impact on Game:

Wembanyama’s potential height discrepancy carries significant implications for his game and the impact he can have on both ends of the court. With an additional 1.5 inches, his ability to alter shots, disrupt passing lanes, and score over defenders becomes even more formidable. The advantage of extra height can also translate into improved rebounding, providing the Spurs with a dominant force on the boards. The newfound knowledge of Wembanyama’s taller-than-expected height adds an exciting dimension to his already impressive skill set.

  1. Reevaluating Measurement Methods:

The discrepancy in Wembanyama’s reported height raises questions about the accuracy of traditional measurement methods used in the NBA. While it is customary to measure players without shoes, the prominence of high-top sneakers and custom orthotics may affect the reliability of these measurements. Windhorst suggests that a comprehensive reevaluation of measurement protocols could help ensure more accurate player listings in the future.


Victor Wembanyama’s height has been a topic of intrigue and fascination since he burst onto the basketball scene. The observations made by Brian Windhorst, a prominent basketball analyst, suggest that the San Antonio Spurs’ young phenom may be taller than his official listing of 7’3.5”. With visual evidence and the potential impact on his game, Wembanyama’s true height of 7’5” offers an exciting prospect for the Spurs and their fans. As the basketball community takes note, the reevaluation of measurement methods could lead to more accurate player listings, ensuring a more precise understanding of the physical attributes that shape the game.

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