Who Are the Biggest Winners and Losers from the 2023 NBA Las Vegas Summer League?

The 2023 NBA Las Vegas Summer League recently wrapped up, providing basketball fans with a first look at this year’s draft picks and undrafted rookies. While it’s important not to draw too many conclusions from summer league performance, there were several players who stood out as clear winners and losers.

Winner: Jabari Smith Jr.

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The third overall pick in the 2022 draft, Jabari Smith Jr. showed he was far too advanced for summer league competition. In two games for the Houston Rockets, Smith averaged 19.5 points, 9.5 rebounds and 2 blocks while shooting 58% from the field and 46% from three. He displayed his versatile scoring ability both inside and out, and was virtually unguardable. Smith reinforced that he is a foundational piece for the rebuilding Rockets.

Loser: Brandon Miller

by NBAE via Getty Images

Brandon Miller, the second pick in the 2023 draft, struggled to make an impact for the Charlotte Hornets. In three games, he averaged just 10 points while shooting 29% from the field. Miller had almost as many personal fouls (10) as made field goals (12). He was unable to create his own shot and lacked aggression. While it’s unfair to make a judgment this early, Miller’s passive summer league performance raises some concerns.

Overall, the 2023 NBA Las Vegas Summer League was a success. There were some great performances, and there were some players who made a big impression. It will be interesting to see how these players develop in the future, and it will be exciting to see who emerges as a star in the NBA.

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