WWE Monday Night Raw Predictions: Who Will Win, Lose, and Surprise on August 21, 2023?

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WWE Monday Night Raw is set to deliver another action-packed episode this week, as the build-up to SummerSlam 2023 continues. The show will feature some exciting matches, segments, and developments, as the superstars of Raw prepare for the biggest party of the summer. Here are some of the things to expect from the upcoming edition of Raw, along with our predictions and analysis.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens (Non-Title Match)

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The main event of Raw will see WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns face Kevin Owens in a non-title match, in a rematch from their epic Last Man Standing match at Royal Rumble 2023. Reigns and Owens have been at war for months, with Reigns trying to assert his dominance as the head of the table and Owens refusing to bow down to him. Reigns has also enlisted the help of his cousins Jey and Jimmy Uso, who have been attacking Owens on his behalf.

Reigns has been a dominant champion since winning the title from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 39, defeating challengers like Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles, John Cena, and Seth Rollins. He has also formed a powerful alliance with Paul Heyman, who has been his advocate and advisor. Reigns will look to continue his reign of terror by putting away Owens once and for all.

Owens, on the other hand, has been on a mission to dethrone Reigns and become the Universal Champion for the second time in his career. He has shown his resilience and courage by surviving multiple beatdowns and brutal matches against Reigns and The Usos. He has also received some support from his friends Sami Zayn and Cesaro, who have helped him fend off Reigns’ attacks.

Owens is one of the most talented and charismatic superstars in WWE history, having won multiple titles and accolades. He is also known as The Prizefighter, The KO Show, and The Stunner King, for his ability to deliver amazing matches and stunning moves. Owens will look to add another chapter to his legacy by defeating Reigns and earning another title shot.

Prediction: This match could be a classic, as both men are capable of delivering a thrilling encounter. However, we think that Reigns will win the match by pinning Owens after hitting him with a Spear. Owens will not give up easily, and he might even hit Reigns with a Stunner or a Pop-Up Powerbomb during the match. However, Reigns will overcome Owens’ offense and retain his momentum heading into SummerSlam 2023.

Asuka vs. Alexa Bliss (Raw Women’s Championship Match)

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The Raw Women’s Championship will be on the line on Raw, as Asuka defends her title against Alexa Bliss, who earned the opportunity by winning a Fatal 4-Way match last week. Asuka and Bliss have a long and complicated history, dating back to 2018 when they feuded over the SmackDown Women’s Championship. They also clashed at WrestleMania 39, where Asuka retained her title against Bliss in a Firefly Fun House match.

Asuka has been a dominant champion since winning the title from Becky Lynch at Money in the Bank 2023, defeating challengers like Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Bianca Belair. She has also formed a friendship with Rhea Ripley, who has been her tag team partner and ally. Asuka will look to continue her reign of excellence by putting away Bliss once again.

Bliss, on the other hand, has undergone a drastic transformation since joining forces with Bray Wyatt in 2022. She has adopted a darker and creepier persona, using mind games and supernatural powers to torment her opponents. She has also gained a new ally in Lilly, a sinister doll that seems to have a life of its own.

Bliss is one of the most decorated and influential women in WWE history, having won six women’s titles and countless other accolades. She is also known as The Goddess, The Wicked Witch, and Twisted Bliss, for her ability to switch between different characters and styles. Bliss will look to add another chapter to her legacy by defeating Asuka and becoming the Raw Women’s Champion for the fourth time.

Prediction: This match could be unpredictable, as both women are talented and versatile performers. However, we think that Asuka will retain her title by making Bliss tap out to the Asuka Lock. Bliss will try to use her mind games and Lilly’s interference to gain an advantage over Asuka, but Asuka will overcome Bliss’ antics and retain her title. Asuka will celebrate her victory with Ripley, while Bliss will retreat with Lilly.

Brock Lesnar returns to confront Bobby Lashley

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One of the most anticipated segments on Raw will be the return of Brock Lesnar, who has not been seen since losing the Universal Championship to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39. Lesnar will confront Bobby Lashley, who has been calling him out for weeks, challenging him to a match at SummerSlam 2023. Lashley has claimed that he is the only man who can match Lesnar’s strength and athleticism, and that he wants to prove himself as the best fighter in WWE.

Lesnar is one of the most dominant and dangerous superstars in WWE history, having won eight world titles and countless other accolades. He is also a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and NCAA Division I Wrestling Champion, making him a legitimate combat sports star. Lesnar will look to make a statement by accepting Lashley’s challenge and setting up a dream match for SummerSlam 2023.

Lashley is one of the most impressive and powerful superstars in WWE history, having won three world titles and countless other accolades. He is also a former Bellator MMA fighter and United States Army veteran, making him a formidable opponent for anyone. Lashley will look to make an impact by confronting Lesnar and showing him no fear or respect.

Prediction: This segment could be explosive, as both men are known for their intensity and aggression. We think that Lesnar will accept Lashley’s challenge and agree to face him at SummerSlam 2023, but he will also attack him with an F-5 or a Kimura Lock. Lashley will try to fight back, but he will be overwhelmed by Lesnar’s fury and power. Lesnar will stand tall over Lashley, while Lashley will vow to get revenge at SummerSlam 2023.

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