WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Reaction, and Highlights from July 14, 2023

WWE SmackDown, the exhilarating weekly professional wrestling show, aired on July 14, 2023, delivering an action-packed evening of thrilling matches, surprising twists, and memorable moments. Fans eagerly tuned in to witness their favorite WWE Superstars showcase their skills in the ring and vie for victory. In this article, we provide a comprehensive recap of the WWE SmackDown results, live grades, fan reactions, and the standout highlights from the electrifying episode.


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Annoucement :Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair Make A SummerSlam Pact:

Ahead of her WWE Women’s Championship match against Asuka later in the show, Bianca Belair kicked off the broadcast and was interrupted shortly thereafter by Charlotte Flair, the other top contender to the gold.

A back-and-forth teasing a championship match between the two, if Belair wins later in the show of course, came to an end with an agreement for a showdown at SummerSlam.

This was a fine way to lay the groundwork for what will come later on in the show but it did not offer much new in the ongoing rivalry between The EST and The Queen.

They both fancy themselves as the tops of the division, almost taking Asuka for granted. That will likely backfire and if it does not, then there is the real possibility that Money in the Bank winner Iyo Sky will as The Goddess of the Sky looks for the opportune time to cash in her guaranteed title shot.

Match 2: Sheamus and Ridge Holland vs. Pretty Deadly

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  • Winner: Pretty Deadly
  • Recap: It will be interesting to see what the endgame ultimately is in this feud but Sheamus is bulletproof at this point in his career and Holland has yet to be hurt by suffering these losses. Meanwhile, Pretty Deadly continued to build momentum. That, on top of a quality match, makes this a successful segment.

Match 3: Zelina Vega vs. Bayley

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  • Winner: Bayley

Jey Uso Promo

Credit: WWE.com
  1. There have been a ton of inventions and innovations in pro wrestling over the last two decades. The worst, by far, is the “what” chant.
  2. Uso is the top babyface in WWE right now and it is almost to the point that the company has to put the title on him at SummerSlam. He is the right choice and has been since the moment this storyline began three years ago. More importantly, the fans believe in him.
  3. The superkick to Heyman drew a big pop but it would have been even more effective had things had a moment to breathe. The teased chair shot was great, but could have been held off for a week.
  4. “The puppeteer just had his strings cut!” Michael Cole said after the kick to Heyman, a killer line by the best in the business.

United States Championship Invitational 4-Way

Credit: WWE.com
  1. Theory sat ringside for the high-stakes match.
  2. Escobar delivered a sunset flip bomb that triggered a double superplex from Styles and Butch to Waller.
  3. The Aussie youngster never looked out of place despite sharing the ring with three acclaimed in-ring competitors. Matches like this, against guys like Styles, Butch and Escobar will only help him grow and evolve as a worker, thus expediting his path to the top.
  4. Styles delivered a Phenomenal Forearm to Escobar but before he could capitalize, Kross appeared on the video screen as he attacked The OC’s Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows backstage. The distraction set up the finish.
Escobar defeated Styles, Butch and Waller to advance to the finals

WWE Women’s Championship Match: Bianca Belair vs. Asuka

Credit: WWE.com

The match between Bianca Belair and Asuka for the WWE Women’s Championship was rushed, likely due to time restraints and the need to pack all of the different pieces of the finish into the segment, but it was still good stuff that demonstrated the chemistry between The EST and The Empress of Tomorrow.

All of this would seem to suggest that Asuka, Belair and Flair will clash at SummerSlam, with Damage CTRL’s involvement hanging overhead like a dark cloud

And where does Shotzi fit into this following her threatening message to the heels?

That there is this much going on in the division is a major plus for the blue brand given the last year of one-dimensional creative.


Asuka defeated Belair via disqualification


WWE SmackDown on July 14, 2023, delivered an enthralling night of professional wrestling, featuring intense matches, unexpected outcomes, and enthusiastic fan reactions. The event showcased the exceptional talents of the WWE Superstars, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next episode. As the WWE continues to push the boundaries of sports entertainment, fans can look forward to more thrilling action, intriguing storylines, and unforgettable moments on their journey to the squared circle.

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